Nursing College

Kamalnayan Bajaj Nursing College

Menstrual Hygiene 2018



A study to assess effectiveness of structured teaching program on knowledge regarding menstrual hygiene among the first year B.Bsc nursing students at Aurangabad.


To assess pre-test knowledge on menstrual hygiene among first year students, to develop and administer structured teaching program on menstrual hygiene, to assess post-test knowledge of first year students regarding menstrual hygiene using demographic variables, to determine association of pretest knowledge with selected demographic variables.


At 0.05 level of significance
H1: There will be significance between pre test and posttest knowledge of First Year Basic B.Sc. nursing
H2: There will be significant association between pretest knowledge of adolescent girls with their selected demographic variables


Result showed that 90% sample has good knowledge in post-test & 10% in pre-test


Research, concluded minimal sample has good knowledge in pre-test & majority in post-test. Result showed that STP was effective.
The mean percentage of knowledge score was 37.33 in pre-test and 70 in post-test.