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Emotional Distress 2018


Emotional distress is a multi-factorial unpleasant experience of emotional, cognitive, behavioural & spiritual nature that interfere the ability to cope effectively with cancer.


To assess the psychological distress among cancer patients in selected hospital.


1. To assess the psychological distress among cancer patients
2. To find association between psychological distress among cancer patients with their selected demographic variables.


1. The cancer patient may have psychological distress.
2. The patient may have some knowledge regarding cancer treatment.

Materials & Methods:

A descriptive study was conducted to assess the level of distress among cancer patient in Seth Nandalal Dhoot Hospital,Aurangabad. 30 sample were selected by using simple random sampling technique. Modified DASS scale was used. Pilot study was conducted and feasible. Descriptive and inferential statistics was used for data analysis. Chi-square test was used to find association between selected demographic variables and findings.


The result shows, SD and mean percentage score (10.43) i.e. 24.83%, SD (9.4) i.e. 22.38% of stress among cancer patients. It reveals patients had moderate stress.


The overall study findings showed, there is stress among cancer patients hence health education should incorporate in hospitals to reduce the psychological distress among cancer patients.